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Forthcoming Works

I cannot yet say where and when - or even if - these will be released, though some are on the road towards it. Likewise, names might change and things may evolve - who knows! But this is where I am listing my major works in progress.

Stink Horn

A novel - almost finished now. This is a weird one - simultaneously a piece about sexual and bodily liberation and a very surreal horror/love story. Set on Hackney Marshes, it is rooted in the narrowboat culture and the vibrant world of Hackney Wick, with the addition of shadow figures, mushrooms and plenty of hallucination.

A Blast of Hunters

A massive novel set in a near future London where the sea has started to invade and where the consumption of meat has been banned. Against a backdrop of increasing privation and desperation, this results in a world of illegal hunters operating in the city and surrounding countryside. As frustration and despair in the city boils over into riots and unrest, something much more hallucinatory might just be unfolding alongside it.

The Lava Road
A novella about rockhounding - specifically the extraordinary agate nodules known as thundereggs. The quiet world of stone meets hallucinatory high strangeness on one very hot excursion through the British Lake District.
A deeply melancholy novella about a commune of creatives in Hackney Wick, which turns out to be much more than it seems. Bound up with Polish mythology and London alt culture, this story looks at creativity in a world that assigns little value to it. It asks whether the continual struggle to survive while making art is really worth it - and if so, what the alternatives might be.




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