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A Blast of Hunters

A large, transgressive and disturbing speculative novel set in a near-future London and drawing on themes such as austerity politics and the point where activism flips over into extremism - all seen through a slipstream lens.

Snuggly Books


Brown is the New Black

A short post-apocolyptic novella based on the surrealist painter Paul Delvaux, clothes design and insect camoflage.

The Exaggerated Press

A new edition of one of Rhys Hughes' greatest books complete with two extra stories

A Suite in Four Windows

A surreal and experimental musical horror story.

Snuggly Books



A collection of linked stories

Eibonvale Press

Scar City

What the Giants were Saying

An early and very intense fable on art and creativity - and wind turbines.

Eibonvale Press




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